Mini Massage Gun

Mini Massage Gun

The Mini Massage Gun from FASCIQ® is the perfect tool for veterinarians and owners looking to provide their animal friends with a deep tissue massage. This lightweight device is light, easy to transport and comes with 4 adjustable speed levels and 4 interchangeable heads. The quiet device has been designed to not startle the animals and allow them to quickly become accustomed to the treatment. 

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The Mini Massage Gun offers great power at half the size!

The mini massage gun from FASCIQ® is a great addition to existing treatments for equines and other animals, providing a soothing deep-tissue massage. This powerful 500-gram device is small enough to fit comfortably in the hand and is easy to take along for on-the-go treatments. Using just a button, strength can be adjusted in 4 different levels, for optimal adaptation to the area of the animal body that needs to be treated. The FASCIQ Massage Gun has different attachments to choose from, every one with a different shape, allowing different movements to be used for a better deep tissue massage. The device runs quietly, so your patients are not frightened and can quickly become accustomed to the percussion.

The same power at half the size. It is the ultimate treatment for horse and rider!

FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun

It is recommended to start using the massage gun with slow movements and a low percussion level, as this will ensure a gradual increase in pressure and speed.


  • 1x Massage Gun
  • 4x Attachment heads
  • 1x Carry Case
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x User Manual

Why use an Equine Massage Gun?

Veterinarians can use the FASCIQ Massage Gun to offer their patients a pleasant, deeptissue massage that helps reduce muscle tension, inflammation, and improves circulation. With its tapping and vibrating movements, the massage gun does most of the work for you, making the treatment process less intensive for the therapist or owner. Animals quickly get used to the pleasant effect of the percussion therapy, promoting their overall health.

The FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun is very suitable for riders too!

Is your animal friend already relaxed? Then it’s your turn to try the massage gun!
instant muscle relief with the FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun. This ergonomically designed, easytouse device delivers powerful percussion and is extreme light weight for you to take it anywhere you go! With its longlasting battery life, you can enjoy fast muscle recovery and get rid of tightness, increase flexibility and your range of motion, and achieve deep tissue and fascia release. 

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