VetkinTape | Kinesiology tape for animals

VetkinTape is an elastic & adhesive kinesiology tape developed specifically for veterinary purposes.  It is used by animal physiotherapists and veterinary professionals to relieve pain, improve muscle function, blood circulation & lymphatic flow and support joints.

VetkinTape a brand by THYSOL Group

Combined with THYSOL Group BV (brands: CureTape & FASCIQ), VetkinTape:

  • Has 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-end kinesiology tape in THYSOL’s international certified factory & worldwide distribution
  • Partners with ISELP and other veterinary professionals with 15+ years of physio- & kinesiology experience
  • Develops & innovates VetkinTape products in collaboration with veterinary professionals such as: Intervet and MSD
  • Provides educational animal kinesiology taping courses (Equine & Canine) and fully illustrated manuals in different languages. These cover a comprehensive range of taping techniques & applications
  • Has a high-end and complete portfolio for animal physio’s & veterinary professionals to get started with taping

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