VetkinTape | Veterinary kinesiology tape

VetkinTape is an elastic & adhesive kinesiology tape developed specifically for veterinary purposes.  It is used by animal physiotherapists and veterinary professionals to relieve pain, improve muscle function, blood circulation & lymphatic flow and support joints.

VetkinTape a brand by THYSOL Group

Combined with THYSOL Group BV (brands: CureTape & FASCIQ), VetkinTape:

  • Has 20 years of experience in supplying high-end kinesiology tape in international certified factory & worldwide distribution
  • Partners with ISELP and other veterinary professionals with 15+ years of physio- & kinesiology experience
  • Develops & innovates VetkinTape products in collaboration with veterinary professionals such as: Intervet and MSD
  • Provides educational animal kinesiology taping courses (Equine & Canine) and fully illustrated manuals in different languages. These cover a comprehensive range of taping techniques & applications
  • Has a high-end and complete portfolio for animal physio’s & veterinary professionals to get started with taping

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displaybox vetkintape 6 cm
“The best veterinary kinesiology tape ever! Exercise and water resistant. Therefore perfect to be used in equestrian sports”

Drs. Solange Mikail

Veterinarian, Animal physiotherapist,

ACVSMR member and Equine kinesiology taping instructor