All over the world veterinary professionals are enthusiastic about using VetkinTape. Below, some of them share their experiences with our product.

joao paulo marques

João Paulo Marques


“Before getting to know VetkinTape I had tried other tapes on horses without much success, when I started using VetkinTape it made a whole lot of difference! It is certainly the best veterinary kinesiology tape that I know and I strongly recommend it.”

Cert. Equine Rehabilitation (CERP), CERP Instructor, IVCA Cert. Vet. Chiropractic, IVAS Cert. Vet. Acupuncture
ronel van der sijde

Ronel Van Der Sijde

South Africa

“I use Vetkin tape on the equine patients as well as sport horses that I treat because it is truly good quality. The product design is backed by proper research and testing. It sticks well on animal hair. The proprioception stimulation and reaction is (I found in my experience) better than other products I tried so far”

bettina bvidemose riisberg

Bettina Hvidemose Riisberg


“After practicing Equine and Canine Body Work for about 15 years, I was introduced to kinesiotaping some years ago. At first I found it to be an ineffective supplement to manual techniques, as I wasn’t happy with the different tape-products on the market. Later I was introduced to Vetkin, and their products completely changed my perception. VetkinTape is effective, excellent quality and sticks nicely to the horse, which provides results that speak for themselves. Working with VetkinTape in my everyday practice, and teaching courses including the use of their products, is a great pleasure! ”

beate egner

Dr. Beate Egner


“We have used VetkinTape for many years in our academic education for people to become a Certified Canine /Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP/CERP). We proudly recommend these tapes to our students as they are of high quality and well tolerated by all the different species. Taping is a very supportive treatment option in many different conditions like but not limited to pain, muscular problems and joint instabilities. We highly appreciate the great support from the VetkinTape team for our courses and the great literature they produce to teach how to best perform taping in all the different indications.”

solange mikail

Solange Mikail


“VetkinTape is the best tape I’ve ever tryed, and the one I choose to use at the Olympics and in my practice because of its quality! The applications last longer and can resist to water and exercise.”

DVM, MSc, Diplomate ACVSMR
Coordinator of the Equine Physiotherapy at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020
Owner of Vet Physio Institute
lesley goff

Dr. Lesley Goff


“I use VetkinTape on both equine and canine patients, for many conditions and situations. The tape is superior in its weave than other tapes and has and excellent adhesive. I like that VetkinTape is marketed to professionals, as that assures its use is appropriate.”

Animal and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, director of Active Animal Physiotherapy. Practitioner and also researcher at University of Queensland, Australia.
rebecca hill

Dr. Rebecca Hill


“I have used kinesiology tape in my human practice for a long period of time, however I much prefer the VetkinTape for Equine use, as the glue is so much better, the tape stays on for a lot longer than other brands. Taping horses has had an unforeseen advantage for my business, as my clients tend to leave it on until it falls of, sometime up to 2 weeks later, which in turn, has led to referrals and additional clients. Thank you for producing such a great product!“

Registered Animal Biomechanical Professional, specialising in treating horse & rider combinations.



“We at EQUIDINAMIA got to know VetkinTape about 8 years ago. It made a huge change in our work because it was different to what we had been using previously. This tape works, it stays in place and this makes taping really an efficient therapy. Moreover VetkinTape supports their clients with courses that make their work even better. We had never used another brand since”

Physio and vet team working on physical therapy and rehabilitation on horses. Directors in Spain of the main physical therapy postgraduate on horses.
Lynne Harrison

Lynne Harrison


“I have been using VetkinTape exclusively in horses for several years. Having experienced other brands, I find VetkinTape to be superior in quality and performance. Working with a company that only works with veterinary professionals ensures that the product is used as part of a clinically reasoned treatment plan, and applied by someone who has knowledge and understanding of the treating principles.”

nadine blum
julia rohrbach

Dr. Julia Rohrbach & Dr. Nadine Blum


“We use Vetkin-Tape for educational purposes in our postgraduate CPD courses for veterinary professionals as well as in our daily practice with equine patients. Kinesiology Taping is an important tool in the field of rehabilitation medicine and can be used for multiple cases and indications.”

Dr. Julia Rohrbach, DVM, Board certified specialist for Veterinary Chiropractic, Co-Founder of the ABnR-Academy
Dr. Nadine Blum, DVM, Board certified specialist for Equine Medicine and Veterinary Chiropractic, Co-Founder of the ABnR-Academy