VetkinTape® also offers caniMedical Taping Concept (MTC)ne kinesiology taping courses and has even designed a special size tape for this segment; the 3cm VetkinTape®. The courses are developed in collaboration with canine practitioners with veterinary physiotherapy experience, professionals from the animal health industry and the VetkinTape® team.

Canine kinesiology taping

Canine kinesiology taping

The application of VetkinTape® on dogs, like the taping of equines, is an addition to the skill portfolio of canine physiotherapists and can be used during various treatments. It is commonly used for pain relief, improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow. It is a relatively new technique in veterinary rehabilitation and animal physiotherapy.

  • Duration: 2 days, 8 hours per day
  • Accreditation: 20 NVFD-points (The Netherlands)
  • Knowledge level: Basics of anatomy
  • Who:
    • Animal physiotherapists
    • Veterinarians
    • Other animal medical professionals (depending on the local education)
  • Included:
    • Lunch and drinks (coffee, tea or soda)
    • Official MTC certificate
    • Educational material
  • Attendees: Maximum of 12 attendees
Course program

Course program

After a short introduction and some product information, on the first day you will be introduced to our five basic techniques in theory and practice. For example, you will learn how to apply kinesiology tape to back and croup muscle problems, as well as taping joints and tendons, e.g. the Achilles tendon. During the course, you will also learn how to apply lymph taping in practice. On request, we can give you insight, in an entertaining way, into the kinesiological examination of the material.

The different applications will be directly put into practice during the course under the guidance of our expert teachers, on both short-haired dogs and on dogs with a long or hard coat (depending on the dogs present). In addition, on the day of the course, we will once again clarify the details of the various techniques and make a comparison with kinesiology taping in humans and horses, especially given the successful treatments and results.

On the second day we start with a short feedback of the previous day, followed by a large practical part. Besides group research and evaluation of the effect of kinesiology tape on dogs with various complaints and injuries, there will be plenty of room for input of your own cases or cases brought in by us and you will practice these. For example, when taping the patella, the results of the different taping applications will be tested to gain insight into which of the learned techniques could be an advantage or disadvantage in the treatment of this complaint. A major point of attention is also the difficulty of fixing the correction technique, especially in dogs with long hair.

  • Each course consists of two, 8-hour days and has a mixture of theory and practice and is held at venues with enough room for practical exercises.
  • The courses are accredited in several EU-countries by the local Animal physiotherapy associations or vet associations.
  • During the courses a reader, VetkinTape®, scissors and other supporting materials are provided.


Learn about:

  • The principles of taping
  • How to handle the tape and how to apply it on dogs
  • Taping as a form of treatment in rehabilitation and training situations
  • Working on the neuromuscular re-education in rehab dogs while performing therapeutic exercise
  • Lectures and practical training-sessions will be alternated
  • Case-based presentations, to give a good insight in the variety of taping indications.
  • Practical training with real live cases
Want to enroll?

Want to enroll?

International MTC VetkinTape® courses are given once or twice a year in a European country and nationally in several other countries. Please check our Facebook site for the most up to date schedule.

Want to organise a course?
If you are interested in having a course organised in your country or region please contact us for further information and we can inform you about the details.

Attention: We would like to remind you that certain tape applications, provided on our website are not yet fully scientifically proven. Mentioned applications are based on extensive evaluation and case studies with licensed veterinary physiotherapists and/or other veterinary professionals.