VetkinTape® offers specialMedical Taping Concept (MTC)ized equine kinesiology taping courses for veterinary professionals. The courses are developed together with equine practitioners that have veterinary and physiotherapy backgrounds as well as professionals from the animal health industry and VetkinTape®.

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6th & 8th October 2023: Clonshire Equestrian Centre, Co. Limerick, Ireland
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VetkinTape® Online Equine Kinesiology Taping Courses

VetkinTape® Online Equine Kinesiology Taping Courses

Online Canine and Equine Kinesiology Taping Courses have been developed in cooperation with veterinary practitioners and other professionals from the Animal Health industry. Therefore, they will provide a very practical (case-based) approach to the kinesiology taping for animals. These courses (in face-to-face vorm) are available in around 20 countries worldwide, both very practical and theoretical. Currently we provide two type of online courses; canine and equine. Although the basis is the same, the split is needed as we see different cases, injuries and problems with both segments.

Online Course by Solange Mikail





Online Course by Lesley Goff


VetkinTape® Equine Kinesiology Taping Course

VetkinTape® Equine Kinesiology Taping Course

Each course consists of two days (8 hours each), has a mixture of theory and practice and is organised at venues with enough room for practical exercises. During the courses, the instructors will use video’s, pictures and real-life cases. The courses are accredited in several EU-countries by the local animal physiotherapy associations or vet associations. During these courses a manual, rolls of VetkinTape®, scissors and other supporting materials are provided.

Our instructors are highly qualified canine practitioners with veterinary physiotherapy backgrounds and have a long track record of providing high-quality education.

Details MTC VetkinTape® Equine Course

  • Duration: 2 days, 8 hours per day
  • Accreditation: 20 NVFD-points (The Netherlands)
  • Knowledge level: Basics of anatomy
  • Who:
    • Animal physiotherapists
    • Veterinarians
    • Other animal medical professionals (depending on the local education)


Lunch and drinks (coffee, tea or soda)

Official equine therapy certification

Educational material

Course program

Course program


  • Introduction
  • Theoretical background of the Medical Taping Concept (human & Vet)
  • Various application possibilities:
    • Activating the blood and lymph circulation for swellings and hematoma
    • Influencing the fascia and muscles
    • Treatment of scars
    • Tendon injuries and inflammations
    • (follow-up) Treatment of injuries to the Musculoskeletal System
    • Improvement of the muscle function
    • Supporting the joint function
  • Case histories and applications for horses and humans related to the following effects:
    • Injured muscles – to lifts the skin from the underlying tissues. This has an effect of reducing pain, promoting circulation,
    • assisting in the reduction of any swelling and enhancing the blood flow to the injured muscle
    • Biomechanical dysfunction – to provides support or stability without restricting the range of motion
    • Postural dysfunction – to improves the proprioceptive feedback to the area thereby assisting in the retraining of muscles that maintain correct posture
  • Pratical approach with cases

Course instructors

Our instructors are equine practitioners with a veterinary and physiotherapy background, specializing in orthopaedics and with extensive taping experience.

Course feedback

Course feedback

“It where two very interesting and educational course-days. After explaining the concept, functionality and possible applications of kinesiology tape, we practiced taping on eachother, cool! The second (practical tape apply-ing) part of the course contained: the observation of taping, which tapingtechniques to use, techniques for which application and when are the effects noticable.“

Linda Limburg – Unitas Osteopathy for Horses

Interested in our Equine Taping course?

Interested in our Equine Taping course?

International MTC VetkinTape® courses are given once or twice a year in a European country and nationally in several other countries. Please check our Facebook site for the most up to date schedule.

If you are interested in having a course organized in your country or region please contact us for further information and we can inform you about the details.

Attention: We would like to remind you that certain tape applications, provided on our website are not yet fully scientifically proven. Mentioned applications are based on extensive evaluation and case studies with licensed veterinary physiotherapists and/or other veterinary professionals.