What are contra-indications for taping dogs?

  • Open wounds, fever, thrombosis, allergies, skin irritation, bacterial infections, acute inflammation, fungus and scabies
  • Cancer, melanomas and tumours. This diagnosis is often made at a later stage, but taping can provide relief in the final phase. The effect on the tumour can also be negative, always in consultation with the owner and/or vet.
  • Scars more than 2 weeks old.
  • Pregnancy and lactation (in consultation with the vet).
  • When it appears that the dog gets itchy from the tape, it is better to remove the tape.
  • Acute fractures, muscle and tendon tears, unexplained limp (crack or fracture), it is best not to tape them in the first place. Check the situation with your vet before making a treatment plan.
  • Diabetes, always in consultation with the veterinarian because of fluctuations in the glucose level).

What are contra-indications By Lymph Tape;

  • An animal whose drainage/circulation is disturbed (consult with a veterinary surgeon), watch out for kidney, lymph and heart problems, pregnant dogs and older dogs (as the lymph circulation speed and blood circulation can increase).
  • Fever, thrombosis, watery oedema, systemic oedema, glanders, large blood vessels, absolute watershed and crown rim.

Do the different colours of VetkinTape® influence the treatment?

  • I use colours with the thought of colour therapy, looking at the dog and the reason why I want to tape. Red is heat (to activate or warm up), blue is cool/flow (for cooling, flow).
  • The colour of the tape has an effect, red gives warmth and you can feel this on the coat/muscles. Blue gives cooling and therefore relief to the coat/muscles. Green gives peace and tranquillity, it is a friendly colour.
  • Furthermore, it seems as if the dark colours (especially black) adhere a little better than the lighter colours.

Does it vary from one dog or type of coat to another?

The only difference I notice is that it mainly has to do with the dog’s state of mind. Often dogs are able to choose their colour.

Can it vary from one injury to another?

It makes a difference per type of injury whether the tape has more or less effect. When the muscles are overloaded and therefore feel very warm, I do not choose red or orange, this gives too much warmth, but use blue or green instead.

What can be a reason why the VetkinTape® does not adhere well and comes off quickly?

  • Coat, coat length, dirt in the coat e.g. sand.
  • General condition of the dog, use of medication, surgery and improper nutrition can all have an influence on the coat.
  • Ambient temperature, extra warm weather may cause the dogs to sweat under the tape.
  • Where is the tape stored? Do not leave it in the car in warm or cold weather, this will affect the tape and its adhesive power.
  • With some dogs, such as greyhounds, the tape adheres too well, making removal sometimes painful.

With oedema complaints it is experienced that, with taping alone, there is a big chance that the tape will not stay in place. A manual oedema treatment before taping could offer a solution. Do you have any experience with this?

  • All lymph-related complaints can best be treated manually first, possibly in addition with laser and/or pulsating magnetic field therapy. In this way, you get a good impression of what the lymphatic system can handle, You have a better sense of where you can start taping and you turn the system “on”. You can only discharge when the body is ready for it and the “drain” is open.
  • Lymphatic taping requires specific knowledge and insight. For the treatment of these complaints, the involvement of an experienced lymphatic therapist is a good addition to the treatment process.

Do dogs need to be shaved or not for a Medical Taping treatment?

  • Long-haired breeds or breeds with a lot of undercoat are very difficult to tape, for example; New Foundlander, Akita, Bernese Mountain Dog, etc. Often it is a matter of trying, if the tape does not irritate just tape it. Perhaps work with a few more anchors.
  • Labrador, Jack Russell, and Rottweiler are fine to tape. A dog with shorter hair on the back than on the legs is also fine, for example, a Cocker and Heidewachtel.