FASCIQ® Massage Pistole Pferde

FASCIQ® Massage Pistole Pferde

The FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun (also: Fascia Gun) is a necessity in the treatment of horses, designed by professionals. It is lightweight and comfortably handheld. This Fascia Gun has the same percussion strength at half the size compared to larger sized massage therapy guns. Recover faster, train harder!

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Global leader veterinary kinesiology tape
Co-developed by veterinary health professionals
Trusted by 10.000+ veterinary professionals

The FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun offers great power at half the size!

FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun

This great device is so small that it fits perfectly into your work or sports bag. Take it anywhere you go! The same power at half the size compared to big alternatives. With its ultra-quiet technology, it is the ultimate treatment for horse and rider.


  • 1x Handheld Massage Gun
  • 4x Attachment heads
  • 1x Carry Case
  • 1x Australian Certified Charger
  • 1x User Manual

Why use an Equine Massage Gun?

With a massage gun you imitate a Deep Tissue massage for the horse. With tapping and vibrating movements you apply pressure to the tissue. For veterinary health professionals and owners, manually treating the muscle tissue of horses can be a fairly intensive task to perform. By using a horse massage gun, the treatment or massage becomes less intensive because the device provides most of the effort in the massage. Horse massage guns promote the overall health of the horse and they get used to the pleasant effect of a soothing deep-tissue percussion massage quite quickly!

The FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun is also very suitable for riders

Tired of muscle pains? No more, the FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun is a must-have. Easy to use, instant muscle relief, anywhere, anytime.
The ergonomic design makes it so that the massager is easily handheld for treating all body parts. Powerful percussions, extreme light built & outstanding battery life is what sets this massage gun ahead of its alternatives!

  • Workout with confidence
  • Fast muscle recovery without breaking the bank
  • At-home massage therapy
  • Get rid of tightness. Increase flexibility and your Range of Motion
  • Deep tissue- and fascia release
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