Why this page and how does it work?

On this page you can easily download files which you can use on your website. The files are divided into 6 maincategories for easier browsing the content.

Images: You can download images by clicking on them. The file will be downloaded to your ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer.

Videos: Videos can be used on your own website by copying the complete code under the related video. Then paste the code into the htmlcode of your website.

Note: when using photo/video content, a source reference to, is for Google technical reasons required.


  • Keeps your websitevisitors engaged
  • They can visualize complex pages
  • Professional photo/video content

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We are currently working on online marketing material, such as online banners to share with our dealers. In the meanwhile, you can download our VetkinTape leaflet.

Leaflet VetkinTape