VetkinTape wholesale pricing

Do you want to buy VetkinTape products at wholesale pricing? Complete the following application form and we will get back to you within two business days. Do you need any help or assistance please contact us at or +31532068040.


How to apply

  1. Contact one of our customer service representatives by phone on +31532068040 or by mail at about B2B VetkinTape wholesale pricing.
  2. Fill out the wholesale pricing application form below. We will review your application and contact you as soon as possible.

Why VetkinTape wholesale pricing?

  • Get wholesale pricing on quality veterinary kinesiology tape.
  • Qualified businesses save on quantity orders.
  • The more you buy, the more you save on veterinary kinesiology taping supplies.
  • Cancel anytime. No commitment or contract required.
Equine kinesiology tape on neck

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