VetkinTape will be present during several global veterinary and medical exhibitions. During these events, we meet our target audience for educational purposes and introduce them to the concept of taping & our products. Additionally, we are present at several national or regional congresses. Please find below some of these exhibitions:


Formed in the United States, under the direction of Dr. Jean-Marie Denoix, The International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP) will focus on the problem of lameness in the equine athlete. The goal of ISELP is to provide contemporary knowledge and techniques in the continually evolving field of equine locomotor analysis to better prepare the equine clinician to understand and manage lameness conditions in the equine athlete. VetkinTape® is one of the Global Partners of ISELP.


VetkinTape will be present at the IAVRPT symposium on July 30th till August 3rd.


VetkinTape is partner of the STAAR conference on the 24th till 28th of April.