About VetkinTape

Recently THYSOL Group BV (VetkinTape is member of this corporate group) teamed up with veterinary professionals to develop a tape specifically for animals, but achieving the same results as CureTape (also a member of the group). The development of VetkinTape was possible due to THYSOL Group’s own production facility and partners. THYSOL has human as well as veterinary knowledge and expertise at our own R&D facilities.

In most cases the results obtained using CureTape can also be realized with animals. The tape needs to be specialized for veterinary appliance though, due to the differences in skin, muscles structure and anatomy. Therefore, we see differences in diagnosed injuries and in the frequency of occurrence.

All these factors were considered when developing this new innovative veterinary kinesiology tape. The result is VetkinTape; a tape that has an outstanding adhesive acryl layer and provides maximum results for the veterinary market.


VetkinTape’s mission is to develop and market veterinary kinesiology tape, and to educate animal physiotherapists and veterinary professionals in the different application area’s and taping techniques. Our primary goal is to improve the condition of the animal’s body. To achieve this, VetkinTape provide a range of medical tapes, tools and medical equipment to support, improve and stimulate the movement of all parts of the animal body. VetkinTape is constantly searching for innovative new methods and ways to treat the ‘immovability’ of animals, without the use of chemical substances (e.g. pharmaceuticals, medicine). By screening l veterinary success stories, VetkinTape wants to ensure animals everywhere (and their animal physio’s & veterinary professionals) have access to proven treatments from all over the world. VetkinTape’s philosophy is that the products -combined with the right method and concept- should help, support and speed-up the body’s recovery in a good and healthy way.


VetkinTape’s vision is stated as followed:

“In a few years veterinary kinesiology tape will be used by almost every animal physiotherapist & veterinary professional to treat and prevent animal injuries.”