Results obtained with the use of CureTape® can in most of the cases also be obtained with animals, but the tape need to be slightly different due to the differences in skin and anatomy. Furthermore, we see differences in diagnosed problems and the frequency in which they occur. All these factors were taken into consideration to develop this new innovative veterinary kinesiology tape. There are differences between CureTape® and  Vetkin-Tape® by; elasticity of the skin, hair (structure and volume) and size of the muscles.

The result is a Vetkin-Tape®, a tape that sticks well and give the maximum results for animals.


  • Is a special veterinary kinesiology tape
  • Is manufactured in our own factory and has all international quality certificates,
  • Is developed with former Animal Health professionals (Intervet/MSD) and THYSOL Group BV; the unique combination that brings all knowledge, experience and expertise together.
  • Differentiates compared to CureTape ® in; glue used, flexibility of the tape, and size of the tape.
  • Offers veterinary courses specially developed by AH professionals and THYSOL Group BV people.
  • Has the TUV quality mark.