There are a few tips and points of interest which always apply whatever the taping technique used.

  • Always see to it that the skin to be taped is clean, dry and grease free.
  • Removing the tape from the paper is easiest if you keep the cut piece of tape with the cotton side towards you and go with the tip of your finger across the upper edge. It is also possible to tear the paper first (for some techniques this is advisable).
  • The base and the anchor of the tape are always applied without stretch.
  • Bases and anchors are always cut round, through which the tape stays on longer and better.
  • See to it that there are no folds in the tape or in the skin under the tape, because this may cause blisters.
  • When the tape has been applied, rub it a little warm for optimal adhesion.
  • The tape sticks better if the fabric becomes warmer, therefore be careful when applying heat to areas of skin with tape.
  • The tape must be removed carefully. Preferably soak it in water, stretch the skin and roll the tape from the top downwards.
  • When the tape is removed carelessly the skin may become irritated.
  • The tape can only be used lengthwise, e.g. for children smaller strips should be cut.
  • For better stickiness to the skin please use our Pre-taping spray, which cleans the skin well beforehand.