Medical taping has been a proven  and accepted method in many physiotherapists clinics and hospitals and widely used all over the world. Medical taping provides positive results and has a good track record and is expected to remain one of the daily used treatment methods by many physiotherapists. THYSOL Group BV introduced Medical taping (Kinesiology tape) in Europe more than 15 years ago. Currently THYSOL Group BV is active in more than 50 countries with their brand: CureTape ®.

Very recently  we teamed up with veterinary professionals to develop a special tape for animals; Vetkin-Tape. THYSOL Group BV, with many years of experience in the human physiotherapy field, together with former people working in the animal health industry and animal nutrition industry worked together to develop a special Kinesiology tape for the veterinary professionals. Developing Vetkin-Tape was possible due to the own production, having the expertise of human as well as veterinary knowledge and our own R&D facilities.

The result is a joined company focused and dedicated to the Animal Health professionals; producing and selling Vetkin-Tape, a tape specially developed for animals that sticks well and give the maximum results. Vetkin-Tape is supported by specialized courses for Animal Health professionals.