THYSOL Group BV is providing special veterinary taping courses. These courses are developed in cooperation with equine practitioners with a veterinary and physiotherapy background, professionals from the Animal Health industry and Fysiotape BV.

General Course information

Our courses are designed for veterinarians and licensed animal physiotherapists with a human physiotherapy background as we aim to deliver high quality education.

Our instructors are equine practitioners with a veterinary and physiotherapy background, specialized on orthopedics and very experienced in our taping concept.

Each course consists of two days of 8 hours and has a mixture of theory and practice and is organized at a location with enough room for practical exercises. During the courses we will make use of video’s, pictures and real life cases.

It is advisable to combine the base course with the advanced course, after at least 6 months of practice.

During the courses a reader, VetkinTapes ®, scissors and other supporting materials are provided.

Veterinary Kinesiology TapingEquine Base Course

The first course introduces the concept of veterinary taping in horses.

Attendees will learn the basics of different applications on both humans and horses.

  • Learn about the principles of taping
  • Know how to handle the tape and learn how to apply on horses
  • Lectures and practical training-sessions will be alternated
  • Different than in other courses, there will be case-based presentations, to give a good insight in the variety of taping indications.

If you are interested to have a course organized in your country or region please send an e-mail to